Book “Boy’s Alphabet”

BOY’S ALPHABET is an exciting storybook with my watercolor illustrations and stories for each letter of the Latvian alphabet. Stories and illustrations of the book raise the interest of preschool and primary school children in letters, acquisition of them and reading.

In 2020 watercolor illustrations have been awarded with silver prize (2nd place) at the Creative Excellence Festival ADWARDS MMXX in the category Printart & Design Craft / illustrations.

“The book was written for my son Ernest within his letter learning phase. Ernest is a spirited, active and imaginative boy who didn’t find mastering of letters to be an exciting adventure until the project Boy’s Alphabet was started. In order to inspire my son to get introduced to letters I tried to catch characters, illustrations and stories that would attract his interest in the period monsters, scary creatures and fights being very popular, but above all that – kindness and fairness.” – Liva Eihmane